Success Stories

Pishee Goes Home

Pishee came to GHHS as a very aggressive, angry cat.  He had to be handled with a pole.  He spent time in isolation and then was moved into an large kennel and put in an office.  He began to socialize and let his personality show.  He turned out to be such a funny boy!  He loves to adjust his blanket and eat his food with his paws.  He also loved giving kisses and love bites.  Pishee needed a family that was willing to be patient with him, and give him time to bond.  One such family came into GHHS and took Pishee home to give him a try.  The family already had a dog and another GHHS cat.  It took a couple of weeks for Pishee to approach his new family members.  They did not push to handle him.  Instead, they let him approach on his terms.  His family reports that he loves Edy’s Vanilla Ice Cream and sitting on a lap while watching Rosanne.  Sweet Pishee has a wonderful home!