Success Stories

We love to see our animals happy and healthy in their perfect forever homes! Here are just a few of our success stories.

Ms. Everest HT (1) edited for pg

Ms. Everest

Ms. Everest came to GHHS in the spring of 2012. She could jump any fence, hence her mountain name origins. But she was also incredibly loving and obedient, so GHHS accepted her into the shelter with hopes of a quick adoption.

One month passed, then two. Adult pit bull mixes can be hard to adopt, even one as friendly as Ms. Everest. 22 months later, Robert Brumlow came into GHHS looking for a dog, but he wasn’t sure what kind.

“When I saw her I just couldn’t look at any other dogs. We visited and played together in the big field and I knew then that she was coming home with me,” said Robert. Sure enough, he adopted her that day. Ms. Everest is beyond happy to be in her forever home, and loves going on walks with Robert.

“This is one of those great stories that is only possible through a no-kill facility,” said Krystle Newby, Kennel Manager. “We are so excited to see Ms. Everest go home, but of course we all miss her terribly. She is a wonderful dog who just needed a second chance.”


Kiana at home


Kiana came to GHHS during a terrible time- her owner had just passed away, and the family couldn’t take care of her. As an adult pure-bred Bengal cat, she was both beautiful and high-maintenance. Kiana was thrown into the shelter environment without any warning, and she understandably lashed out at staff and visitors.

With time, Kiana grew to trust the GHHS staff and allowed them to pet her. She would even allow ear scratches and treats, as long as strangers kept away. When a local rescue group posted Kiana’s picture on Facebook, it found Ellen Harris. She immediately fell in love with Kiana and called GHHS to schedule a visit.

When Ellen and her daughter came to visit, Kiana warmed up to them and even rubbed on Ellen’s ankles. She went home with them the next day, and has become an absolute lap cat. Kiana now demands belly rubs and loves to sleep in laps.

“We are thrilled that we could help Kiana through this difficult time in her life,” said Krystle Newby, Kennel Manager. “She just needed some time and space, and she now has a wonderful home.”